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My name is Glenn, I grew up in a world where being a green thumb was the norm. Not only that, it was the number one skill required to survive. I remember the amount of time, love and respect my mum and Babcia (Polish grandma) put into what would become our doorstep green grocer.

Glenn Gissing (The Skilled Gardener)

We had everything from an array of citrus trees, 5-6 different types of berries, nuts, root fruits, potatoes, stone fruits, man you name it, it would be there somewhere! The fact that it was 100% organic left us always well nourished and it kept the wallet in check!

That is all but a distant memory now, a good one that can never be erased from my mind. Fast forward 20 or so years and here I am, living on the other side of the world where the conditions are a lot tougher to adapt to.The objective is still the same, to make sure my family gets everything they need to grow strong and healthy.

After all, fruits and veggies are given to us as a gift to cherish. In saying that, I have discovered inventive ways through thorough research to enable me to create a self-sustainable mean green fruit and vegetable machine. This machine ensures that my family gets what they need.

Sprinkle in some aesthetically pleasing plants, trees and shrubs and you could say that we live in our own little green paradise!

I created The Skilled Gardener to share my knowledge of creating this type of setup to those who are interested in learning exactly how to somewhat remove the middle man but of course stay sane in this world. Doing what I love has a surprisingly soothing effect on the soul and enables me to stay sharp and full of life!

Glenn Gissing (Author)

If you are someone that has thought about self sustainability but doesn’t know where to start then you have come to the right place. I’ll cover topics such as Hydroponics, Aeroponics, General growing guides and gardening care for houseplants and of course your very own home created green grocer.

So come on, roll up your sleeves with me and get your hands dirty. You’re going to love what i have in store and what it can help you and your family achieve with the right kind of knowledge!

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