Best pH Meters for Hydroponic System 2024 (Exclusive Guide)

Growing a hydroponic garden can get tricky, especially since you have to buy the suitable gadget to make your work easy. And one such thing is a pH meter. 

Most beginners confuse hydroponic gardening with soil gardening and don’t understand the importance of checking the pH level in the water.

You simply cannot get by using stockpile and lime in hydroponic gardening. Attention to detail is required, and thus buying the best pH meters for hydroponic system is essential. 

Best ph meters for hydroponic system
Best ph meters for hydroponic system

Of course, the number of choices is endless, but to help you make a good pick, we have compiled a list of the best available options.

Besides, we have also included some essential things you need to know and a buying guide to help your purchase smoother. 

Why is Monitoring pH So Important? 

The pH level, be it if your soil or your hydroponic system, plays a huge role in the growth of your plants. In other words, the pH levels determine the number of nutrients available in the soil.

Even if you add the required nutrients, it’s a waste of time and money if your plant does not absorb them. 

Monitoring the pH level will help you determine if the nutrients are in the right range and thereby assist in the healthy growth of the plants.

Best pH Meters for Hydroponic System 2023 : A Detailed Review

It wasn’t easy for me to prepare this list of best pH meters for hydroponic system. There were hundreds of products available in the market, so it wasn’t to pick only a few among them.

I have personally bought and tested over 30 different pH meters on my own hydroponic system for over 6 months in order to research for this list. I even contacted a few of my friends who are having their system to ask for their opinions as well.

So this list is highly valuable for anyone who is looking for a pH meter for their own hydroponic system.

Luoleina Store pH Meter


  • Portable and pocket-sized.
  • Effective quality control.
  • Easy to use.
  • Big LCD.
  • Value for Money

The Luoleina Store pH meter is a high value for money product, and the results it delivers are off the charts. 

As you can see, the look of the meter is very vibrant, and those putting it down or losing it is unlikely. You can spot its vibrant yellow color easily. To make it convenient for the users, the meter also has a click on the back so that users can wear it if they have to. 

The meter has a range of 0 to 14 pH, an ideal range to test your hydroponic system. However, many users also use this to determine the pH level of their food and drinks. 

Design-wise, the meter is super simple. There is a large clear screen depicting the pH value, and that’s it. However, this meter does not show the temperature. 

The manufacturer has not included multiple buttons, which can often be confusing. There is only one on and off switch and a second button to calibrate. There is a protective probe that protects the meter. 

The meter arrives calibrated to 0.1 pH, so you can easily use it straight out of the box. 

However, you need to calibrate it from time to time, and for that, you will need to purchase additional buffer powder. Though the meter comes with some, it’s only suitable for one round of calibration. 

It’s recommended to rinse the probe in distilled after using the meter. 


Easy to use, does not require calibration before use.
✅ Value for money.
✅ A handy clip keeps the meter safe.


Does not show the temperature.
❌ It comes with a little amount of buffer powder.

The Final Verdict

Overall it’s a meter that provides value for money and is easy to use. 

KETOTEK Water Quality Test Meter


  • Cost-effective product.
  • Accurate and widely popular.
  • Auto shut-off function included.
  • Easy to use .
  • Small-sized and portable.

You get a 1 TDS meter, one pH meter, two packs of pH buffer powder, and a user manual with this pack. 

Overall this works out to be quite economical for those who need both the meters. The meter has a glass probe, and the TDS meter has a titanium one. 

The manufacturers have kept the accuracy of the meters on point since it’s crucial for a hydroponic system. The TDS meter offers measurement of 0-9990 ppm coupled with an accuracy level of ±2% accuracy. 

The pH meter can measure up to  0.00-14.00 pH and has 0.01 pH accuracy and 0.01 pH resolution. 

Both the meters feature auto shut-off, which saves battery life. The unit also has automatic temperature compensation (ATC), which does not allow the fluctuating temperature to affect the readings.  

Many users who have used this unit feel it’s best for pool and aquarium owners. Finally, the unit is portable and on point. 


Extremely lightweight.
✅ It features temperature compensation.
✅ Single-button for testing and calibration.
✅ Automatic shut off option.
✅ Factory calibrated TDS tester.


❌ It’s a tad bit difficult to calibrate.

The Final Verdict

It’s ideal for people looking for a convenient option. The product is easy to use and portable. 

Bluelab METCOM Combo Meter


  • It can monitor three water parameters.
  • The meter includes ATC.
  • Ideal for checking overall health if your setup.
  • Includes auto shut off option battery indicator and prove storage care kit.
  • Perfect for growers.

The Bluelab METCOM Combo Meter is ideal for your hydroponic system, water, and plants. The meter has some of the most sought-after features that will ensure the health of your hydroponic system. The unit also includes AAA batteries and a calibration solution so you can start using your hydroponic system as soon as possible.

Besides measuring the pH levels, you can use this meter to measure the temperature and electric conductivity, and the amount of total dissolved solids or TDS.

The meter also includes an auto temperature compensation along with a calibration reminder. That’s why it is considered as one of the best pH meters for hydroponic systems in 2023 and beyond.

The device is simple to use and includes a large display which makes temperature reading easy.

Users mention that the probe on this meter is sensitive and prone to damage; thus, taking extra care of it is essential.


It includes nine parameters.
✅ Easy to use and quality product.
✅ Two replaceable electrodes.
✅ Waterproof.


Calibration is a bit tricky.
❌ It does not feature a backlit display.

The Final Verdict

The meter is ideal for students, hobbyists, and office goers. The unit is easy to calibrate and use.



  • Ease of use.
  • Reliable and accurate.
  • New design.
  • Wide range of use.

You already know that growing a hydroponic system is not without its challenges. Thus you need a pH tester that is not overly complicated to use. 

Thankfully, the KULED PH Meter functions efficiently. It locks the measure results as soon as you press the hold button and turns off automatically when not used for several minutes. 

The unit also includes an auto-calibration feature so you can get readouts quickly. 

Reliability is an essential factor for a pH meter, and the KULED PH Meter meets that criterion. The pH resolution of the unit is 0.01pH, with an accuracy of ±0.01pH.

The TDS meter offers a range from 0~9999ppm. You can carry the unit anywhere thanks to its handheld size, and you can read it easily as well. 

You can use this product in many places, from swimming pools to aquariums.


Excellent customer service.
✅ Easy to use out of the box.
✅ Highly accurate.
✅ Affordable price point.


The TDS meter is a bit unstable.
❌ The pH meter has to be calibrated each time before use.

The Final Verdict

Ideal for people looking for an easy-to-use product with a wide range of applications. 

Bluelab CONTPH pH Controller


  • Allows 24/7 testings.
  • The meter provides ATC and ensures consistent readings without fluctuations.
  • Automatic off/on feature.
  • The kit includes all the required things to run the meter.
  • Two-year warranty included.

Some hydroponic gardeners are fortunate about the gadgets they pick for their setup, and if you are one of them, do take a look at the Bluelab CONTPH pH Controller. 

This is a mountable meter and measures much more than only pH levels. You can use this gadget to measure temperature, TDS, and CF. 

While most people buy this meter for their hydroponic setup, users have also purchased it for pools, drinking water, and brewing. 

The digital meter features two-point calibration and includes an automatic temperature compensation enabling accuracy and ease of use. 

Unlike the other meters mentioned here, you can use this to measure the nutrient level in your plants 24*7. 

The meter has a large LED screen coupled with a backlit display providing the correct reading conditions to make the readings easy. 

You get a calibration solution with the pack and a two-year limited warranty. 


The meter can measure multiple parameters.
✅ The LCD is backlit and easy to read.
✅ It compensates for the temperature when measuring the pH levels.


It’s a tad bit more expensive than the other units mentioned here.

The Final Verdict

The Bluelab CONTPH pH Controller is ideal for those invested in hydroponic gardening. It’s a meter ideal for aficionados.

How Does the pH Meter Work? 

The meter will basically monitor and determine the hydrogen-ion concentration of the water. This concentration shows whether the soil is acidic or alkaline. This is achieved by determining the difference between the reference electrode and the test electrode. 

All meters have a glass electrode that is sensitive to hydrogen ions and a stable reference electrode. The difference between these two electrodes allows the meter to identify the actual pH level of the liquid. 

Calibration process

Knowing how to calibrate your digital pH meter (if you are using one) is important. Before beginning the process, have a buffer solution, a laboratory standard reference point for pH meters. 

Once you get this buffer solution which is mostly in liquid form, you can conduct the following steps. 

  • Place the meter in the buffer solution to get the ideal readings.
  • Follow the maker’s instructions and adjust the pH reading to the buffer solution.
  • You can repeat the process with more buffer solution with different pH levels for higher accuracy levels.
  • Calibrate the meter at least once a week if you are using it frequently.

Caring for Your pH Meter

Once you purchase a pH meter, the first step towards caring for it is by going through the user manual. The manual covers all that you need to know to care for your meter. However, generally, it helps to know the following things. 

  • Use the solution to store your meter in a cap by placing it in an upright position to tech optimum saturation levels.
  • Swirl the meter in the storage solution to eliminate bubble formation.
  • Don’t use distilled water to keep the sensor.
  • Never use oil on the reference cell or sensor electrode to avoid damaging it.

Best pH Meters for Hydroponic System :Buying guide

If you intend to buy the best pH meters for hydroponics, these are the following factors to consider:

Best pH Meters for Hydroponic System :Buying guide
Best pH Meters for Hydroponic System :Buying guide


You cannot always take the samples to the lab for testing as it will compromise your pH reading. Thus, you need a meter to take the samples and test their acidity level in situ. Therefore portability of your pH meter is important. 


Before you buy a pH meter, you must consider your purpose. Various pH products are available these days, each having specific features and purposes. So understand your usage before buying one. 


If you have a big hydroponic farm, there is a greater risk of damage resulting from the fluctuations of the pH levels compared to smaller farms. This fluctuation is caused by multiple biological processes involved in large hydroponic farms. In such a case, you must get accurate results making precision a critical buying factor. 


This is a key factor in measuring pH levels. Thus don’t forget this factor during your buying decision. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to maintain pH balance in hydroponics?

It’s advisable to use products tailored for a given system to maintain pH balance in hydroponics. You can also opt for weak acids like vinegar or citric acid for a smaller setup. However, it’s best to use automatic pH controllers to maintain the pH balance. 

How does the pH level rise in hydroponics?

Most often, pH levels in hydroponics rise because acidic nutrients are added to the system. This causes a natural rise in the pH level from 5.5 to 6.2. Thankfully, it can be brought brown and monitored. 

Wrapping up: 

Using the best pH meters for hydroponic system, you can easily monitor your plants’ nutrient level and temperature, essentially if you want a healthy hydroponic farm. 

But it’s essential to calibrate your pH meter to get the correct readings. In this article, we have covered it all to help you with the purchase and the process.

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